Chroma Booster Completed

April 17, 2015 by metalab

Water and power service have been connected to Chroma Booster by Matthew Geller in El Paso at the new baseball stadium.  About 60' tall, the "cloud generator" emits mist and water with programmable LEDs in the new plaza.

Cougar Walk

February 26, 2015 by metalab

We are very excited to share these photograph's of Jim Isermann's Cougar Walk with you! The weather cleared up two weeks ago and photographer Pete Molick brought out his drone to capture some wonderful images of Jim's piece.

This outdoor public art work is installed at the University of Houston's new football stadium. Consisting of a series of eight foot square pre-cast panels, each of the nineteen panels features patterns of interlocking U's and H's. These were erected as walls and groundwork at the southwest corner of the stadium, and greet visitors as they  exit from the new rail line extension that runs through the campus. The design utilizes recycled glass and black onyx, giving the letters a sparkling appearance in the light.

Metalab oversaw design optimization, fabrication documentation, and project management of the work, with panels manufactured by Gate Precast. The site also features Metalab's signature solar powered lighting product, Ringo.

Radiance Mock-Up Installed

February 10, 2015 by metalab

Radiance is our latest collaboration with artists Shane Allbritton and Norman Lee of RE:site. The elaborate hanging piece is to be installed in the airport in El Paso, Texas, and makes use of the iconography of a mix of the local cultures, translating them into a three-dimensional Mandala. Layered acrylic pieces with a dichroic film in the middle form the physical manifestation of the Mandala, which is mirrored in the supporting structure. Suspended from a steel canopy, the colorful and shifting material of the installation plays in the light, evoking the stunning vibrancy of a southwestern sunset.

This mock-up installation is one-quarter of the final piece, and was installed over the last week at Silver Street Studios. We were fortunate to find a room with a skylight, which is really cool as there will be a skylight over the final piece. Our friends at Merge Studios handled the installation of the steel canopy, and Jesse Meza came in from El Paso to hang all the pieces.

We busted out a new trick as well and shot a photo-sphere of the piece. Take a virtual tour of it!

Jesse Lott’s Lady complete

November 25, 2014 by metalab

The sculpture by Jesse Lott with heavy lifting by Blumenthal is complete and installed next to the light rail line on Scott St.  The layering of engineered pipe assembly making up the "bones" and Jesse's additional "visera" made from thin wall stainless tube was well integrated into the final work.

Chroma Booster Installation

November 19, 2014 by metalab

We have wrapped up the last stages of assembly of the "Cloud Tower" aka Chroma Booster with the addition of high-pressure mist plumbing and LED lighting in the collars that wrap around the pipe columns.  The work in Houston concluded with the tower placed in one piece on a truck and shipped to El Paso.  The installation is underway at the ballpark and final hookup to utilities will follow in a few weeks.

UHS complete

October 27, 2014 by metalab

The UH Stadium project with Jim Iserman is complete.  Stay tuned for images from the drone.

Seed, Trees, People

October 23, 2014 by metalab

We just completed another project with Randy Twaddle, Artist, with these three benches installed on the new mound constructed in Herman Park at the new Centenial Gardens designed by Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects.  Based on a Fibonacci series with three figures extracted and developed spatially as sinuous objects.  We worked with Escobedo Construction and their 5-axis OMAG robot to fabricate the benches from solid limestone.  The stone is anchored into the flat work with a fabricated stainless steel pan embedded in the concrete with a consistent 3/4" reveal maintained over 9', the length of the largest monolith bench.

Bench Installation

August 22, 2014 by metalab

Installation of the 3 benches at Herman Park with Randy Twaddle and Escobedo Construction.  Congratulations to Escobedo for their Texas Society of Architects Artisan Award.

UH Stadium art panel installation

July 07, 2014 by metalab

With two rain delays we were happy to see art panels for Jim Isermann's "Cougar Walk" to go in smoothly in one day by Gate Precast.  The 19 panels (4 on the wall and 15 on the ground) are 8'x8' and each weighs about 1500lbs.  The effects of the red glass and black onyx were nice to see relative to the colors of the metal panels on the stadium itself.  All will be done by game day later this summer!

Chroma Booster

June 20, 2014 by metalab

We are working with Matthew Geller, the artist who we teamed with on Open Channel Flow, for a new project in El Paso near the new ballpark.  The tower of pipes will emit a misting fog with integrated lighting to create atmospheric effects in the public plaza designed by SWA/Los Angeles.  Fabrication will begin soon and installation will occur before the end of 2014.

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